What people are saying about Forgiveness 4 You...                                                             "This is an intelligent, thought-provoking and quietly unnerving work about the corporatization of holy offices. I don’t even think one can call it a satire, which may be the most troubling thing about it." -- Sam Sacks, The Wall Street Journal                                         "Ann Bauer’s latest is a clever, humorous novel about love, guilt and acceptance." -- Cindy Wolfe Boynton, Star Tribune                                         Click here for more...                                         "Bauer writes with humor and compassion about a business that is both bizarre and entirely all too real." -- Kirkus                                         "An exploration of absolution that manages to be simultaneously irreverent and compassionate." -- Booklist                                         Click here for more...                                         “A poignant and very funny story about the advertising of redemption and, yes, the redemption of advertising." -- Martin Kihn, author and creator of Showtime's House of Lies                                         "Forgiveness 4 You imagines a near future where everything—even grace—can be commodified, but where our better angels still wield surprising power.” -- Christopher Castellani, author of All This Talk of Love                                         Click here for more...
Ann Bauer is the author of Forgiveness 4 You. She was raised with no faith or religion and has been looking for something to believe in all her life.

Ann married the wrong person early and had three children by age 28. She has gone broke in the dead of winter, moved 14 times, watched her son suffer a devastating illness and once, for six months, completely lost hope. But around age 40, two things happened. She found a job in advertising among decent, cheerful, intelligent people, and she met the love of her life.

What had come before—the bad marriage, moves and ills, poverty and poor choices—no longer mattered. “You will never untangle the circumstances that brought you to this moment.” says Leonard Cohen, quoting the Bhagavad Gita. “Embrace your fate.” Today, finally, she knows what Leonard meant.

Forgiveness 4 You: A Novel
Available March 17, 2015